Wellness Programs 

Wellness programs can help you unlock your potential and take control of your life. Enhance the way you manage stress, create balance in all aspects of life, and find new ways to become more joyful every day!

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ShapeShifer Yoga

What is it?

ShapeShifter Yoga is the perfect way to get your body looking strong, toned and graceful. Not only will it help you develop a leaner shape, but also promote improved flexibility and posture - no matter what level of fitness or experience.

Why do we recommend it?

Kris Fondran's ShapShifter Yoga program is truly one of a kind. Developed by Kris over the course of two decades, it offers an exceptional combination of power and healing yoga postures that are designed to target your core areas and change the shape of your body. It incorporates restorative yoga to create balance within your body while also strengthening you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whether you need help with weight management, improved flexibility or enhanced focus, Kris Fondran's ShapShifter Yoga will provide practical solutions quickly and effectively.